Tuesday, December 7, 2010

birthday bump

j and i were out walking and enjoying some of the city's attractions on my birthday (the ones that you don't want to be anywhere near during more touristy times for risk of suffocation - like the top of the empire state building.  seriously, from the time of entering the building, it took maybe 15 minutes total to buy tickets, walk through miles of roped off sections that would have been packed with people during the summer, and take the elevator to the top (j asked if i wanted to take the stairs ... so i asked the lady ushering us into the elevator if i could take the stairs; she firmly declined permission (which, in retrospect, was not entirely surprising).  then the people in the elevator laughed at me).

in any case, while we were walking, i got hit by a van. and you know, i think the whole experience was just a bit unfair.  i may not always (usually?) be totally aware of my surroundings (because let's be honest, surroundings can sometimes be a bit impoverished compared to the mischief my mind is wont to produce when left to its own devices), but i do generally pay attention when crossing the street.  i even waited for the walk signal before stepping into the street and crossed on the crosswalk.  how was i supposed to know that the driver of a van that had already pulled out into the intersection would suddenly change his mind and accelerate backward down the one-way street at the very moment that i was crossing?

j told me i should not write that i was hit by a van in case my mother reads this (she doesn't even like the idea of me having a bike in the city).  he called the experience a "love tap" instead.  however, i maintain that the fact that i was graceful and agile enough to stabilize myself shortly after getting knocked over should not minimize the force of the blow (okay, fine, my recovery had less to do with grace and agility than it did my desire to quickly escape the humiliation and stares of strangers ... semantics).


  1. You can use the stairs at the Empire State Building only during the ESB Run-Up: http://nyrr.org/races/2011/r0201x00.asp

    Glad to hear you're okay!