Sunday, January 30, 2011

first date game

last night, i was reminded of how happy i am to no longer have to endure the awkward ordeal of going on a first date.  j and i went out for thai (at the aptly named thai terminal in the east village - the food was great, but the ambiance leaves a little to be desired - it was a bit like sitting in a terminal ... but yummy food).  because it's nyc and a restaurant only occupies about 15 square feet, you are quite cozy with the parties beside you - it's like your neighbors are sitting at the very same table.  last night, we had the joy of joining a couple on what was obviously their first date ... and what sounded like the first time they had ever met.  oh the joys of internet match making.  we overheard awkward discussions of whether someone is or has to be a dog person versus a cat person, followed by an even more awkward discussion of why the woman hated wearing glasses.  my favorite quote of the night was the man saying, "i think it's really funny when glasses fog up when people are outside."  have i mentioned how happy i am to not have to deal with awkward first dates?  to be fair, there can be some excitement about a first date too - the future for them was a great big question mark.  the future for us included a stop at a store on the way home to pick up dish soap.

after we left, j shared his brilliant idea of how we should have coped with the experience of sharing that couple's first date: we should have pretended we were also on a first date and then attempted to out-awkward the competition (and hey, at least the other couple would go away feeling a little better about their experience when they compare notes with the weirdos sitting next to them).  on the walk home, j and i started thinking about all of the eyebrow-raising, gut-wrenching, mouth-dropping things we could have said.  "i'm a real animal lover - i own 13 rats and a canary."  "my doctor gave me some cream for it, and i've been feeling so much better since."  "i had to get restraining orders for my last 3 exes, so i'm just so thrilled to be out with someone normal for a change."  "who's your favorite jersey shore character?"  "i had what i really think must have been a psychic dream about this date - i just know we are going to fall in love." "my friends didn't really like your profile that much, but i thought you were cute."

also on the walk home, we happened to walk by the coolest snow octopus.  i wish i could say i had made it (or i wish i had gone to the park and actually made a really cool snow sculpture) ... but let's be honest, anything below 30 degrees fahrenheit is like absolute zero to me: every cell in my body stops functioning.   and while i really, really love snowmageddons, most of my outerwear was chosen more for its frilly prettiness than it was for its functionality for romping around in the snow.  for some reason, i had been under the impression that the city really didn't get much snow and/or that snow didn't really stick around here.  but ... someone made a pretty awesome snow octopus in front of St. Mark's Church in the east village.

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